Menial tasks eating up your day? NYNJA Concierge to the rescue!

While most businesses are throwing in AI and bots, NYNJA decided to go old school with a human Concierge service on their platform. The robots will be coming inevitably, but adding some humanity to a collaboration and communication platform seemed like a bonus for making NYNJA members welcome and feeling cared for. What can the Concierge do? Read on… 

Estimates are that if you are spending up to 4 hours a day on menial tasks, they are costing you over $40,000 per year. Even if it’s just one hour a day, that’s a lot of your valuable time being eaten up and taken away from things that make a real difference to your company and your own quality of life. If you’re in marketing, sales or organization development, there is something NYNJA Concierge could be helping you do to reclaim those lost hours and minutes.

 What tasks can I ask NYNJA Concierge to help with?

Do you need to convert a PDF or add a document to a current PDF file? Do you need a translation? Document formatting? What about searching for the top ten places to visit, or places to book meeting rooms? If you’re trying to update your mailing list that’s in Excel and convert it to an email list, Concierge can help with reformatting or splitting a single Name field into First and Last Name fields.

Is it safe to share my files?

NYNJA will not keep any files you share with the Concierge. The only data that will be tracked is the type of task and specifics about the delivery of the task. Any associated files will be deleted and only you will have access to them from your NYNJA account.

Why did NYNJA add the Concierge?

Marketing Director Daniel Beach explains the thinking behind adding the Concierge: “We were thinking about how to make NYNJA even more useful. Especially as our users are business owners, managers and freelancers who are always looking for more time to get things done. What could we do to help them make the best use of their valuable time? Could we provide some of the services of a Virtual Assistant?”

Is the NYNJA Concierge a real person?

YES! Please be nice. Just as you would find at a hotel in real life, there is a team covering the Concierge desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As NYNJA gets to know which tasks are most common, they will be automated, but a human being will continue to be there.

How will NYNJA scale Concierge as the business grows?

As we gain understanding of what types of tasks Concierge can help with and the requirements for those tasks, the NYNJA team will be looking for opportunities to automate. Using AI and machine learning, Concierge will be able to provide a blend of human and automated services to keep up with demand.

As our world gets increasingly run by bots, it’s comforting to know that the NYNJA Concierge is there to help answer questions about the platform, take care of tasks whenever possible, and provide a human touch on the NYNJA platform.

Haven’t tried Concierge yet? Try it today! If you’re not yet on NYNJA, don’t wait any more, get the download.