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Our Mission

NYNJA is built for teams. As entrepreneurs with decades of experience living and operating businesses globally, we are keenly aware of the challenges that entrepreneurs face and even more aware of the inadequate, disjointed, or complete lack of services to serve them. We’re on an unabashed mission to fix and replace legacy infrastructure that has failed and continues to fail people around the world that are trying to change it. From communications to payments and even to building teams themselves, we are leveraging the most advanced technology available to create an integrated suite of services to be the last collaboration tool you will ever need. Email No More!™



NYNJA SUPERAPP shares the features of the best communication and collaboration applications, adding innovative functionalities that will allow you to connect with other people without language barriers, generate new business opportunities worldwide and organize your daily activity better in this fast-paced world.


Voice-to-Text Transcription

You are in a meeting and someone sends you an audio message which you cannot listen to at that moment. NYNJA SUPERAPP transcribes it to text so you can read it conveniently.


Scheduled Audio and Text Messages

Schedule any audio or text reminder for its later submission to any of your contacts (including yourself).


Automatic Text Translation

Set NYNJA SUPERAPP to auto-translate all your messages on sending and on receipt, and enjoy a smooth conversation without language barriers.


Earn money providing services through NYNJA SUPERAPP's integration marketplace and get paid and store your earnings in the app's integrated wallet.

Virtual Marketplace

Blockchain-powered smart contract virtual marketplace

Multi-currency Smart Wallet

Store your NYN and trade between ETH and BTC directly on the platform

Earn and pay with NYNJA Coin™

Earn NYNJA Coin™ for work done on the integration marketplace and spend on goods and services.

Integration Marketplace

Amplify the power of your workforce with integrations that sync seamlessly with your cloud-based management and reporting systems


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