10 NYNJA Features Entrepreneurs Will Love

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We all feel it, adapting to fast-changing markets and new technologies is challenging. Doing business in this rapidly changing world is uncertain and entrepreneurs are on a constant lookout for new tools and approaches to help them gain an edge. As many of us are discovering, effective collaboration is one of the best paths to success. Entrepreneurs are always out there to find new and better solutions. For them, there are too many apps and not enough solutions. The average person today has 5 communication & collaboration apps on their smartphones, none of which fulfill their needs, or are forced to pay for solutions that are too expensive.

For you, dear entrepreneurs, allow us to introduce NYNJA, a superapp that integrates the best features from the leading apps like Zoom, Slack, Skype, and WhatsApp all driven by a revolutionary user navigation system. It embodies a new level of communication and collaboration that many entrepreneurs are looking for. Before you grab your BETA invitation, check these top 10 Features, designed specifically for entrepreneurs:

1. Instant chat translation in more than 100 languages! You type, and the app translates your text instantly. The app integrates Google Translate directly within the messenger and even allows for automatic translation on both incoming and outgoing messages to whichever language pair you prefer. Communicating in a borderless world has never been easier.

2.Voice-to-text transcription (AND translation). Doing your calls and emails during your drives, flights or walks? Send your team a voice message which gets automatically transcribed and translated if desired. Language barriers are long gone!

3.Separate accounts for business & personal use. Tired of switching your personal and business accounts? Us too! With separate profiles, you can leave your work where it belongs and keep friends and family close at hand, at the touch of a button.

4.Conference calls of up to 100 participants. Create voice or video conference calls with both NYNJA users and non-NYNJA users. There is no need for the caller to download any additional software to join the call, they simply click on the provided link and instantly join the call with all other participants, no messy meeting hassle or downloads required.

5.Scheduled message delivery. Write the message but have it delivered at the time and in the time zone of your choosing. Ideal for targeted communication when you know how important is to reach your prospect at the right time. You can also send reminders (including to yourself).

6.Moderated conference calling. Lead and facilitate your conference calls more effective with quorum voting and automatically-generated meeting minutes. After a meeting, the participants will receive a list of clear actions items and responsibilities to get things done, that persist in an automatically created group that will remain so long as it is active, so files and notes from your call remain if you need them.

7.Cloud-based & Cloud Storage. NYNJA is cloud-based so it can be accessed from any device and the information is securely stored. If you mobile, tablet or laptop savvy, we have you covered, even if you lose one or all of them.

8.Screen Sharing. Do you want to share your screen to solve the problem faster? We got you covered with just two taps/clicks.

9. 3rd Party Integrations. Your business uses a variety of SaaS products to communicate and execute tasks. NYNJA integrates seamlessly with Hubspot, Salesforce, Asana, and other services.

10.Privacy and Encryption. Last but not least, NYNJA offers End-to-end Encryption, Anti-Spam/Scam/Junk filters where all the data is owned by the user. You can collaborate and communicate without any restraints or fear of security breaches.

These features are already here and you can test them in our beta. Grab a copy, test the superapp and put your additional mindspace on tasks that really matter for your business: securing new prospects, creative problem solving and motivation of your team.

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