5 Reasons NYNJAcoin is Better than Your Average Cryptocurrency


Not all cryptocurrency is created equal. Many tokens are purely speculative, existing before a product is even built for their use by startups with a narrow focus on solving a single, sometimes esoteric problem. Here is why NYNJAcoin stands out:

1. Instant Utility

[NYNJAcoin][1] is a new utility token that will be immediately useful for engaging within the marketplace ecosystem of the world’s first blockchain enabled platform for communication and commerce. NYNJAcoin does not pay dividends, represent ownership, or function like security tokens.

2. Built For Growth [1]: https://nynja.squarespace.com

NYNJAcoin is the fundamental currency underlying its own economy, allowing it to be self-supporting and giving it the potential to grow in proportion with future expansion of the NYNJA vOS platform. With developer SDKs and open APIs, the NYNJA vOS will be able to grow in unlimited ways as developers build their own applications on the platform.

Additionally, there are no barriers to the adoption of NYNJA’s communications layer as it will be immediately relevant because of its built-in communications utility kit. NYNJA’s communication tools will be immediately useful by enabling collaboration through conference calling and file sharing, both as easy as sharing a link and not limited to NYNJA community users.

3. Limitless Use

Unlike speculative tokens with narrow use cases that solve a very specific problem, the possibilities for how people will use the NYNJA are truly endless. As developers build on top of the NYNJA vOS, those apps could be used to book flights, hotels, call a taxi, buy goods in Etsy-like stores, or hire someone instantly to pull the weeds in your yard or fix a broken pipe. The NYNJA Marketplace is an Uber-like platform that connect users to an ever-growing list of virtual goods and services that begin immediate fulfillment. It utilizes a transparent reviewing structure where ratings can’t be purchased, ensuring quality. With both the NYNJA Marketplace and the apps built on the NYNJA vOS, there is an ever growing list of use cases for the NYNJAcoin within its smart contract governed ecosystem.

4. Users Have the Most to Gain

Whether you are an independent creator, CEO, team member, or contributor, you will immediately begin benefitting from the tools, applications, and inherent connectivity of the NYNJA platform. As the developer community grows alongside the NYNJA user base, new utility will emerge from the demands of the changing workplace and social landscape. Users will be seamlessly connected into the digital economy, allowing for business large and small, freelancers, and creatives to grow with new potential.

5. Dynamic Value

As the community grows, the application store on the NYNJA vOS develops healthy competition, and utility increases beyond that which we have seen in a mobile platform, following that growth NYNJAcoin’s true value will emerge. While initial users will find instant value in the toolkit and communication systems, new communities that join NYNJA will introduce their value systems and meet other technological needs. By allowing communities to iterate upon the platform, NYNJAcoin will find new dynamic value in its open APIs.

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