Reinventing the way in which human beings communicate, collaborate and transact in a globally connected world is not a simple matter, otherwise, everybody would do it. Nevertheless, it is something we believe is fundamentally important and necessary and, therefore, this is the work we are doing here at NYNJA.

Just as the Internet democratized information, blockchain technology is democratizing and decentralizing corporate, financial and legal structures. Just as the internet re-wired global information, today we see governance, monetary systems and the organization of society itself being disrupted as we enter a new socio-economic paradigm. At NYNJA, we are passionate about providing the tools people need to thrive in this new reality by reinventing the way we communicate, collaborate and transact in a globally connected world.

With our extensive experience in telecom and IT, we recognized early on that dramatic changes in technology fundamentally impact how people interact socially and professionally. AOL made email accessible to everyone, changing the way we communicate. Apple created iOS, bringing a multitude of useful applications into a single platform that led the way in the mobile revolution. The NYNJA vOS unifies advanced global communication tools, an on-demand labor marketplace and blockchain secure transactions, making communications, collaboration and blockchain security intuitive and usable for millions of consumers and workers worldwide. Building the most complete virtual operating system for the future of communications, the future of commerce and the future of work is what NYNJA is fundamentally about.

At the core of NYNJA’s virtual operating system are high-performance communication services for secure voice, text and video conferencing. These are enhanced with scheduling, project management, e-commerce and smart contract features, along with developer tools and enterprise solutions.

The 2 billion people coming online will have the opportunity to participate in the global freelance labor economy - without permission, without friction, and without a bank account.

In the NYNJA Marketplace, anyone can buy and sell digital goods (music, photos, templates, code, contracts, badges, etc.) and services (real-time translation, design, consulting, etc.). Imagine an Uber-like on-demand marketplace for professional services, where you can hire pre-qualified professionals to perform work instantly at the touch of the screen.

The communications services and the marketplace form the lifeblood of the NYNJA Economy. With the native NYNJAcoin digital currency, the value can be easily stored, managed and used via an embedded multi-currency wallet that can hold Bitcoin, Ethereum, NYNJAcoin and other ERC20 compatible tokens. Other NYNJA Economy features will include a library of templates for managing personal and commercial projects and organizations, and ready-to-use smart contracts. Our underlying commitment to self-sovereign identity and protection for consumer privacy and data will make NYNJA even more popular with users who do not want their identity or data sold to advertisers or other third parties.

Our engineering team has been heads-down developing the platform since mid-2017 and we are now just months away from being able to share it with the world. When the NYNJA beta version is released in August of this year, our iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Web versions will usher in a whole new way of connecting, transacting and collaborating in our increasingly decentralized world.

We are eager to share NYNJA with you and with the world. To follow our progress, please join the NYNJA Telegram group for updates. To be among the first to test NYNJA beta version, please subscribe to our email list. Additional information about NYNJA’s features can be found here.

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