The Top Ten Things NYNJA Concierge Can Take Off Your Plate to Make Your Team More Efficient


NYNJA is designed for teams that work, whatever those teams might be working on. So we thought about how NYNJA might further help teams get things done and be more efficient, enter: NYNJA Concierge.

NYNJA Concierge is like a virtual secretary or assistant staffed by a real human team whose job it is to make yours and your team’s life easier. By offloading smaller tasks, you and your team will have more time to focus on what you do best. With that in mind, we have put together a few ideas to help get you started:

1. Help with NYNJA Tasks

NYNJA Concierge will help you with anything you need inside of NYNJA. Whether you want to know how to translate voice messages in other languages or schedule messages for later, the concierge will be happy to help!

2. Help with basic formatting tasks

Have a file that you need to format or multiple pieces of text that you would like to amalgamate? You can simply send the file with your instructions to NYNJA Concierge and consider your file formatted! We’ll return the file to you with your instructed changes completed.

3. Help with image resizing

Simple image changes like resizing and cropping can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the right software, but not to worry, as NYNJA Concierge can do this in a pinch. Simply send us your file and your desired file size and we will return it to your specifications.

4. Help reformatting PDFs

Like images, PDFs can also be tough to work with. Whether it is taking an existing PDF and returning specific content or changing the size of your PDF so that you can email a proposal to prospective clients, for example, let us take care of this for you.

5. Help reformatting excel documents

Excel and Google sheets can be finicky, with some data in the wrong cells or multiple pieces of data in the same cell; let NYNJA Concierge help to sort these out so you don’t have to waste precious time.

6. Help populating excel and word documents

Have some information or data in a doc that needs to be put into a spreadsheet or vice versa? We’re more than happy to help!

7. Simple bookkeeping and receipt tracking

If you’re on the go and have some receipts that need to be organized, you can simply snap a picture of your receipt and we can populate an excel document to organise and track your expenses.

8. Help booking travel and accommodations

Looking to book travel and accommodations for a business trip? Tell us where and when you are headed and NYNJA Concierge will help to find the best options available online for flights and hotels or Airbnbs.

9. Help booking meetings and organising your calendar

The NYNJA Concierge can help you and a colleague or several colleagues set up a meeting and even set up a group for you and your colleagues to host your conference call on NYNJA.

10. Anything else that would make your life easier!

In order to start using NYNJA Concierge, simply download NYNJA here: and the NYNJA Concierge will add you as a contact.

What would you like the NYNJA Concierge to do for your team? Let us know on Twitter @NYNJAGroup


In case you have difficulties when exploring NYNJA's features, check out How To Videos on our website.

mk ramawat