Introducing Our Biggest Update Ever - We Think You'll Love It

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We're super excited to share these updates with you today.

Thanks to your feedback and our awesome development teams, we have managed to make multiple improvements when it comes to the interface, connection and security of the NYNJA app.

There is no doubt NYNJA is ready to become one of the most incredible collaboration tools ever. Please download the updates and keep us posted.


Here's what we have been up to in detail way:

iOS and Android upgraded to a new UI/UX!

You've asked for more intuitive and configurable home screen, a single timeline list of everything that is new – P2P messages, group messages, events, combined list of group and P2P chats with the ability to search and filter... and we did it all!

blog screenshots.png

Massive performance and stability improvements

We've improved communication protocol and reduced the size of the packets, which resulted in greater responsiveness. Quality of service improvements guarantee messages are always delivered strictly in the order they are sent and are never duplicated.

Security improvements!

Because we know that security is among top 3 the most important things for a company, we have made multiple security improvements in the backend.


In case you have difficulties when exploring NYNJA's features, check out How To Videos on our website.

mk ramawat