NYNJA Group and AMGOO to Deliver NYNJA vOS to Millions of Latin American End Users

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Blockchain operating system and platform developer NYNJA Group, and smartphone manufacturer AMGOO, today announced a plan to distribute the NYNJA Virtual Operating System (vOS), the world's first operating system and platform for the blockchain, by pre-installing it on AMGOO smartphones. The first global market to benefit from this operating system is Latin America.

The NYNJA vOS is the first blockchain-enabled virtual operating system to combine communication and commerce in a unified platform where security, efficiency, privacy and productivity are the hallmarks of a vibrant marketplace. The NYNJA operating system has a communications layer and a secure payments layer, with a multi-currency wallet, and will be pre-installed on approximately 150,000 smartphones per month. The partnership aims to provide exceptional quality tools for communication and collaboration and give Latin Americans access to the reliability and security of blockchain-based commerce, currencies and transactions.

"We are really excited about partnering with AMGOO to bring advanced communications, blockchain secure transactions and global, borderless job opportunities to the people of Latin America," said NYNJA co-founder and President, Alec Gramont.

NYNJA vOS will also be made available to millions of existing AMGOO smartphone customers. Users will receive high-performance text, voice, video conferencing and project management tools via NYNJA's communication layer as well as access to global cryptocurrencies through the multi-currency NYNJAwallet that holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, NYNJAcoin and ERC20-compatible tokens. The two firms have also outlined a program to cooperate with regional telecom operators to distribute the NYNJA vOS through operator channels in Latin America and Africa.

"NYNJA has an incredible vision for empowering individuals around the world with best-in-class tools for communications and commerce," commented Christian Umana, founder and CEO of AMGOO. "There is real potential for NYNJA to create millions of jobs for the people of Latin America, to provide them with access to global markets through frictionless communications tools and secure global transactions. It is a pleasure for us at AMGOO to be a part of this program."

As part of the collaboration, NYNJA and AMGOO plan to work with telecom operators in Latin America to provide NYNJA users with an initial block of data upon activation.

"We want to make sure that anyone who joins the platform can get started using our tools to find work and earn a living," Umana continued. "We will provide more than enough NYN to purchase data that will allow users to get onto our platform and take tests that qualify them to do the type of work they want to do. And we will pay them for taking the tests, and will guarantee qualified candidates jobs to get them started."

Once workers are qualified to be a virtual assistant, data-entry expert, translator, designer or whichever other type of work they want to perform, the NYNJA auto-assign engine matches them with the jobs that best fit their capabilities. Each individual's work capabilities, turnaround time and reliability, compiled from their tests and past work history, are used as a constantly evolving profile. The system searches the global pool of worker profiles and then auto-assigns the best worker for the best job. "Think of how Uber just automatically assigns a driver that is nearby and has the kind of car that you want to ride in," explains Gramont. "You don't have to go and hail a taxi on the street anymore. In the same way NYNJA will assign the worker that can perform the services you want. No hiring process, no interviews, no portfolio's or references. The system does it for you"

When workers complete their work, they earn NYNJAcoin or 'NYN', which they can use to purchase additional data, new apps, other goods and services within the NYNJA ecosystem and other digital currencies outside of NYNJA. Through the NYNJA multi-currency wallet, NYN will be exchangeable into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other ERC20 compatible tokens. "As these currencies become more globally exchangeable and accepted for goods and services, we expect the NYNJA platform to become a central marketplace within which people can find work, get paid, trade currencies and purchase a broad range of goods and services," said Gramont.

NYNJA and AMGOO plan to launch the program in December of this year, with a pilot expected for earlier in Q4. Beta launch of the NYNJA vOS are scheduled for August 2018.


NYNJA Group Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based company building the world's first blockchain-enabled virtual operating system to combine communication and commerce in an open and secure global payment platform. NYNJA's next-generation messaging technology connects users to each other and to a vibrant marketplace where everyone can buy and sell digital goods and services with NYNJAcoin and manage their money in a secure NYNJAwallet. In addition to smart contracts, proof of reputation and a host of security and privacy features for individuals, businesses and communities, NYNJA is inviting developers to build applications that will expand the experience for the entire NYNJA community. For more information about NYNJA visit www.nynja.io.


AMGOO Telecom Co. designs and manufactures innovative mobile phones for local markets in Latin America and more than 50 countries around world. AMGOO combines advanced research and development with engineers from around the world with state-of-the-art manufacturing in its own facilities in Shenzhen, China.

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