NYNJA Origin Story is One of Global Necessity


One of blockchain’s rising stars this year may very well change how the world does business. NYNJA, the exciting next generation communication and commerce platform, started with frustration by NYNJA founders that it took several apps (e.g. Telegram, PayPal, Zoom, and Fiverr) to create a single global transaction that could technically be done in a single app. Together they created NYNJA to solve this problem.

Humble beginnings

Salvatore “JR” Guerrieri and Marshall Taplits were introduced in China in 2016 when Guerrieri was looking for a way to lower international phone costs for his company. Taplits was a leader in VOIP technology in China and soon thereafter they recruited telecom marketing veteran Alejandro Gramont as their third co-founder. Together, the three saw a big opportunity to consolidate these international communication pain points with a single platform utilizing the latest cloud, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

The founders share solid backgrounds in business, telecommunications and technology spanning over 25 years in VOIP, billing systems, and launching new products -- collectively they held the brainpower and resources to bring NYNJA to life.

All three men live outside their countries of origin. Working with an international team of 30 residing in eight countries, the NYNJA staff nows speaks over 20 different languages. As such, they understand firsthand the global nature of business and what is possible by unifying several disparate apps into a single platform.

Blockchain was the missing link

Since 2012, Taplits had been watching blockchain technology evolve. Taplits saw blockchain as the missing link NYNJA needed to bridge the gap between traditional Internet communications and ecommerce -- allowing information to be accessible by anyone, anywhere in the world, in real time. The NYNJA vOS (the first blockchain OS) allows developers easy access to create the AirBnB and Uber of tomorrow on NYNJA without the hassle and limitations and high fees from other app stores.

The future is an on-demand workforce

If the data holds true, the future workforce will shift to an on-demand model. Seizing this opportunity, NYNJA has built an on-demand marketplace and app store where users can shop, work, and buy goods and services using NYNJAcoin which can be held in a secure NYNJAwallet that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition to its advanced messaging tools and ability to customize channels for business or personal use, an international translator and a personal AI assistant.

All-in-one app

The founders have created the product they wished they had, based on the challenges they see in the marketplace. NYNJA is a simple solution that solves all the global fragmented communication and transaction problems and gives consumer a patent-pending, easy-to-use onramp to all of the benefits of the blockchain.

To sign up for the beta, visit https://nynja.io.

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