The Top 5 Free Slack Alternatives for Entrepreneurs

Given that Millennials now make up most of the workforce, it’s no wonder that communication tools dedicated to rethinking the email are reaching new heights.

You have probably heard of Slack, a modern alternative to email in the workplace.
Perhaps you have even used it to collaborate and communicate with your colleagues and would agree to that Slack is the most obvious choice when it comes to communication tools today.

But what if Slack is not in your budget? We suggest you try testing out a few of these free top 5 Slack alternatives that offer features that can be found in Slack and many more.

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10 NYNJA Features Entrepreneurs Will Love

We all feel it, adapting to fast-changing markets and new technologies is challenging. Doing business in this rapidly changing world is uncertain and entrepreneurs are on a constant lookout for new tools and approaches to help them gain an edge. As many of us are discovering, effective collaboration is one of the best paths to success. Entrepreneurs are always out there to find new and better solutions. For them, there are too many apps and not enough solutions. The average person today has 5 communication & collaboration apps on their smartphones, none of which fulfill their needs, or are forced to pay for solutions that are too expensive. 

For you, dear entrepreneurs, allow us to introduce NYNJA, a superapp that integrates the best features from the leading apps like Zoom, Slack, Skype, and WhatsApp all driven by a revolutionary user navigation system. It embodies a new level of communication and collaboration that many entrepreneurs are looking for. 

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5 Reasons WhatsApp is a Terrible Tool for Work

Back in 2009, you probably did not assume that a free instant messaging application would become one of the most used in the world.

According to the official statistics on messenger usage, WhatsApp has 1.5 billion users around the globe. With increasing urbanization and progressively increasing Internet usage, WhatsApp is spreading like a wildfire, and becoming one of the communication tools that people don’t use just privately, but also as a business communication tool.

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BLOCKCHAIN INSIDERS: NYNJA leaders discuss the future of blockchain technology with Dean Karakitsos, technological visionary and founder of Bloqchain Science

We have the latest in what’s happening in the world of blockchain investing and the future of telecommunications straight from one of the industry’s leaders, Dean Karakitsos, whose approach to designing and launching new technology has helped shape the industry. A visionary innovator in disruptive technology for the past 20 years, Karakitsos is the co-founder of and as well as the founder of Bloqchain Science, which builds secure decentralized systems using blockchain technology for identity solutions, tokenization, smart contracts and lightning network applications. Recently NYNJA’s co-founder and CSO, Marshall Taplits, and NYNJA advisor and mentor David Harris discussed the future of communication, commerce and blockchain technology.

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NYNJA Origin Story is One of Global Necessity

 One of blockchain’s rising stars this year may very well change how the world does business.  NYNJA, the exciting next generation communication and commerce platform, started with frustration by NYNJA founders that it took several apps (e.g. Telegram, PayPal, Zoom, and Fiverr) to create a single global transaction that could technically be done in a single app. Together they created NYNJA to solve this problem.

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5 Reasons NYNJAcoin is Better than Your Average Cryptocurrency

Not all cryptocurrency is created equal. Many tokens are purely speculative, existing before a product is even built for their use by startups with a narrow focus on solving a single, sometimes esoteric problem. Here is why NYNJAcoin stands out:

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What is a vOS?

Operating systems as we know them may soon become a thing of the past with the introduction of virtual operating systems like NYNJA vOS.

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NYNJA Group and AMGOO to Deliver NYNJA vOS to Millions of Latin American End Users

Blockchain operating system and platform developer NYNJA Group, and smartphone manufacturer AMGOO, today announced a plan to distribute the NYNJA Virtual Operating System (vOS), the world's first operating system and platform for the blockchain, by pre-installing it on AMGOO smartphones. The first global market to benefit from this operating system is Latin America. 

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Will Blockchain Tech Advances Effect Your Future Job?

Just as the Internet ushered in the gig economy with its easy access to digital tools and a host of freelance platforms, blockchain technology is about to revolutionize work as we know it again, only this time on a more profoundly global scale. Smart contracts, proof of reputation, cryptocurrency payments and other new tools will transcend borders and create a level of transparency and expediency that is about to take work as we know it to the next level.

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