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This week, you will be able to get a clearer view of all unread messages, invite friends by SMS and paste a picture from clipboard.

In case you are looking for a FREE Virtual Assistant or WhatsApp alternatives after their latest data breach, you will find more details below.

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Here's what we have been up to in detail way:

Android Updates:

People found it difficult to read all the unread messages when they have grown large in number. We found a way to make handling of number of unread messages in the Chats screen better. We have also resolved the problem with infinite spinner when opening the message history.

iOS Updates:

You can now invite your friends by SMS, as we resolved fails to load contacts in the invite by SMS. Also, you can now send files with special characters and play files sent from iOS, Android and Web. The problem with infinite spinner when opening the message history has been resolved here, too.

Web Updates:

This week we also managed to make “storage area” consistent across all platforms, and application menu to be more in line with the latest timeline design on mobile. Beside that, you can now invite contacts by email and paste a picture from a clipboard.

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NYNJA Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Here's a trick for writing emails 8x faster that 99% of people haven't tried it yet!

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''My trick for writing emails 8x faster is called NYNJA voice-to-text feature. I have completely stopped “typing” my emails, because it took so dang long. I now “talk” my emails, transcribe voice-to-text, copy, open my email client, seamlessly paste and hit send.''

- NYNJA User Sentiment Survey -

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