Earlier this weekend, NYNJA received a glowing review from ICO Review Channel on Youtube. See the video below and some notable quotes below the fold.

"I'm really enjoying this wheel feature, I feel like it's going to make navigation, finding the people you're looking for a lot easier…"

"The freelance labor market…this is very cool, this is very cool… and there are even translation features, design features, a built in calendar for setting appointments…voice recording which absolutely essential for someone like me, video calling, which again is essential for when you're dealing with people in and around the ICO space… and the built-in crypto wallet is huge."

"I need to cut myself off and say 'what I'm about to do here, NYNJA haven't paid me for these words, I need to communicate that, NYNJA haven't compensated me for this conversation** I'm about to have'. Here we go! This app is everything I want, this app is everything I want.

"The ability to not only be compensated for those advisory roles in NYNJA token there native in the platform but also to be able to use everything from voice to video is game changing for me because I'm always having to go between this platform, that platform, this wallet. To essentially centralise everything here in the app, for someone like me whose existence is based on social media is huge… it's massive for me, guys, it's a game changer for people like me."

"…but for CEOs of companies, reverse the process, think about CEOs of companies that are on LinkedIn that are on Telegram or administrative teams. So thinking about these CEOs, teams, administrative teams whether they're part of the companies that you're dealing with in the ICO space or whoever it is, because this doesn't need to be ICO specific; so long as the services can be provided in a digital context, whether it be advisory, even online consultation for any number of industries, as long as you are accepting crypto currencies, this platform is extremely, extremely useful for anyone operating in a digital ecosystem and I need this thing in my life yesterday."

"…I think the potential here is far greater than just the returns on ICO, I think if you're a creator or you're a crypto currency professional, advisor, CEO, member of a team; getting involved with this platform is going to yield you a far greater return on investment than just the token itself in terms of networking, in terms of the ecosystem of the way you operate your business and the way you compensate individuals in that ecosystem, I actually don't care too much about the returns on my initial investment. I just want to make this thing happen. That was a little bit ranty of me but I'm not sorry, it's nice to be excited about something that is popping up on the blockchain."

Newsmk ramawat