NYNJA Weekly Updates

NYNJA Updates-1.png

In the past two weeks, our focus has been on improving security and overall app performance. We have resolved identified issues, added new functionalities and optimized many of the app workflows to make NYNJA as user-friendly as possible. To be more specific, we have:

  • Improved file transfer security - We know the importance of choosing secure file transfer products for your company. Last week, we have drastically improved file transfer security to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • Resolved incoming call issue on Android and improved handling of connection interruptions - Thanks to your feedback, we have identified incoming call issues on Android and resolved them. We have also improved handling of connection interruptions.
  • Copy meeting links workflow improvement and "Select all" functionality when inviting group participants into a conference call - Our development team has made meeting organizers' lives easier. As a result, we have improved copy meeting links workflow and enabled "Select all" functionality when inviting group participants into a conference call.
  • Copy and paste functionality on the login add a contact screens and username, first name and last name fields made mandatory - You can now paste your contact info into the login screen instead of typing it in manually. The same copy-paste functionality is available in the new contact field- If a friend sends you their username, you can now simply copy and paste it into a username field to add them easily.
  • Storage option enabled for chat with myself - You can now attach files to messages and reminders that you are sending to yourself.
  • Multiple stability improvements - NYNJA has fewer issues with lag and crashes less.
  • Improved application performance - Sending and receiving messages is much faster.
  • Ability to disable "Sent Message Sound" - If you send and receive a lot of text messages on your phone, especially when you are in a quieter environment such as work, then all of the sounds that are associated with those messages can be unwanted. We just made it possible to disable or enable sound of sent messages.
  • Improved invite by SMS workflow - You can now invite your friends and coworkers to join you on NYNJA much faster and easier than before.
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