March 22, 2019

NYNJA Weekly Updates


Another week, another build!  


Our focus this past week has been on improving and optimizing groups creation and group management, but we also worked on fixing issues reported in NYNJA Beta Group. 

Although we do our best in everything we take on, you never know if what you’ve already done is flawless.

In case you're bumping against bugs, please let us know here. 

Your help is much appreciated, 

The NYNJA Team

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Here's what we have been up to in detail way:

Improved and Optimized Group Creation


There were 3 different situations causing indefinite spin when loaded a group which we resolved. Also, we know that the user interface is a major aspect when you are presenting something to your end user, so we fix misalignment of the user interface after a group call. 


Resolved Reported Issues on Android 

We have fixed the issue with the sliders in the language screen on Android. Sound on message sent option is now working. 


Improved NYNJA Web Experience 

The right navigation is now always open and we did client-side pagination to alleviate problems with accounts with a large number of contacts. 


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In case you have difficulties when exploring NYNJA's features, check out How To Videos on our website.