What is a vOS?


Operating systems as we know them may soon become a thing of the past with the introduction of virtual operating systems like NYNJA vOS.

So, what is a virtual operating system?

What Windows did for MS-DOS, and Android did for Linux, NYNJA is doing for Ethereum with its introduction of the first virtual operating system for the blockchain. Truly a game-changing innovation, NYNJA vOS opens a new commercial frontier with its introduction of an ecosystem for the development of consumer-friendly applications for the blockchain.

Historically, operating systems provided common services and resource management for programs tied to a specific piece of hardware. A virtual operating system sits on top of other operating systems, making its features device agnostic, and in NYNJA’s case also integrating with the blockchain.

The importance of operating systems cannot be overstated; the powerful applications that run our lives couldn’t exist without them. Can you imagine a world without iOS? There would be no FaceTime, no Messenger, no iTunes, no Maps, no ApplePay. iPhones and computers are just devices to house the operating system upon which millions of consumer applications are made possible.

Android is more akin to a virtual operating system because it runs on a variety of devices, from computers and tablets to smart home technology and wearables -- even automobiles. Just as Android gave rise to a powerful suite of Google applications like Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Google Home, it was built on top of Linux, yet can run anywhere. Similarly, NYNJA is built to run on mobile devices, web browsers, desktop computers, and voice recognition platforms such as Alexa and Google Home, and wearables.

Apply that logic to a virtual operating system for the blockchain, and it’s easy to see how an infinite number of useful applications will help make blockchain more accessible to global consumer audiences. NYNJA will launch with its own next-generation messaging application and a freelance marketplace built on NYNJA vOS. What gets added to its app store is only limited by the imagination as NYNJA opens its API and SDKs to the developer community – millions of entertainment, productivity and utility applications will surely follow.

Newsmk ramawat