Looking for WhatsApp alternatives? This app will keep your chats private

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With smartphones delivering massive changes in people’s lives today, there is a horde of messaging apps that help us communicate and collaborate. Some of the most frequently used apps for private use are also used for business communication.

Owing to the fact that they were released long time ago, they have certain limitations when it comes to business use and although they are offering impressive features and undergo the periodic updates to make these features are falling behind the most innovative ones.

Unfortunately, their failures are affecting users' security and privacy, as happened recently with WhatsApp and left many of its 1.5 billion users wondering if their data has been compromised.

The following article compares WhatsApp, from the list of most frequently used and NYNJA, from the list of most innovative apps pointing out the most important differences when it comes to business use.

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With unlimited cloud storage, innovative features for international business such as in line translation, and 3rd party integrations NYNJA works to serve business users in a way that no communications application currently does- not to mention being safer, and even allowing businesses to store all of their communications on their own private servers. NYNJA has also signed an MOU with cybersecurity firm Pukao Global to implement their advanced threat detection and Flu fake technology to protect user data.

Not long ago, we posted an article explaining why using WhatsApp for work is a terrible idea. If you are interested in knowing more about risks you might not realize you are taking, read more here.

Does NYNJA sound like a safe alternative to you?

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