Welcome to the NYNJA Beta Onboarding Page!


Step One

For iPhone users: 

1) Download Test Flight:  https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/testflight/id899247664?mt=8

2) Follow beta.nynja.net and Complete the sign up form

For Android users: Follow beta.nynja.net and Complete the sign up form

Input your information as prescribed in the provided form.



  1. If you were a NYNJA alpha user, please ensure you have uninstalled that version of the app.
  2. Please double-check to make sure that your email and phone number are correct as you will not be able to download the beta should this information be inaccurate.

IMPORTANT: You need to register from your phone and not your desktop to get an email.

Beta Signup

Step Two: Download and Install NYNJA

Test Flight


For iPhone Users:

Wait for your invite email

An email will arrive prompting you to download TestFlight.


iOS users will be able to install the application through TestFlight. Please follow the instructions provided (you will need to download TestFlight first to download NYNJA). Once NYNJA is downloaded, open the app.



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For Android Users:

Follow the link upon completion of the sign up form.






Step Three for iPhone and Android Users: 

Login with SMS authentication

Once you’ve downloaded NYNJA onto your phone (iOS or Android), use SMS authentication to log in. Simply provide your phone number and matching country code and you will receive an SMS.

Once received, use the code in the SMS to log into NYNJA.

Voila! You’re now a NYNJA beta user!

If you have any trouble logging in please go to www.nynja.io and chat with us (if you don’t receive a response shortly after leaving a message, please leave your email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible).




Help and Feedback


Step Four: 

Before We Go Any Further, Make Sure You Tell Us What You Think!

The purpose of this beta launch is to learn how we can continue to make NYNJA awesome and something that you would be happy to use for work everyday. If you spot any problem, you can let us know directly in-app on the wheel navigation which will go straight to our NYNJA engineers who will fix it. We really appreciate your help with this!





Step Five: Invite some colleagues or friends to try some of the cooler features out or just chit chat!  

First send them this link 

Once they have completed the same process above and have logged in, you can find them in a number of ways:

Search by Username: Contacts already registered with NYNJA will be searchable by their NYNJA username and can be added from the results screen.
Search by Number: Contacts already registered with NYNJA will be searchable by phone number and can be added from the results screen.
Add a Contact by QR Code: All NYNJA users have a QR code that corresponds to their account. With this method, you can scan an existing NYNJA user’s QR code or share your own for them to scan to be connected instantly.
Add Phonebook Contacts: You can add your existing contacts from your phonebook.
Share Contacts: If one of these methods doesn’t work, you can ask one of your existing contacts to share the contact card of the person you wish to connect with.


You're all set!

Now, try out some of the super cool features we have already working on beta!


Remember, if you have any trouble logging in or within the beta please reach out on our website or within NYNJA on the wheel.