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Frustrated with having to use so many apps to communicate and share documents with your team or clients and business partners? With NYNJA you can message, call, video conference and share files all in one place, on mobile or desktop. Plus our unique translation and transcription features make it so much faster and easier to do business across the globe! 

The NYNJA team brings a combined hundred years of experience in building messaging solutions for global companies that are scalable and secure. 

Try NYNJA today to see how we’ve combined messaging, voice, video conferencing, and file sharing and enabled them to operate with one hand on mobile devices.

See why NYNJA has the features teams need to get work done more easily and efficiently:


Smart Calling and Transcription to speed response times and make meetings easier

  • One click conference calling by NYNJA to your whole group, without needing links or login codes, gets the meeting started faster.

  • Don’t wait to check voicemail, automatically get voice messages transcribed so you can respond right away, even when in a meeting or on another call. 

  • Conference Up to 100 people - including users who are not already on NYNJA.


Schedule Audio & Text Messages for super efficiency: 

  • Schedule reminders to others and yourself for more timely response

  • Re-forward travel plans to yourself or others automatically near the departure time 

  • Recordings of calls, screen shares and text transcripts, searchable for important data at your fingertips (coming)

  • Set Holiday reminders and birthdays in advance, be the person who never forgets


Easier Collaboration without barriers

  • Dropbox like subfolders all in one place for everything happening in your thread (coming)

  • Auto-create groups from conference calls

  • Easily share large files, whether PDFs, image or media formats

  • In line translation and transcription removes language barriers for teams working in different countries 

  • Set up automatic translation of your messages going out and coming in to be understood by business contacts and colleagues


Keep your data and files safe with IT Controls and Security

  • Client has option to own and house their own data (i.e. IPFS, coming soon)

  • Flu Fake data / server security 

  • State of the art packet handling

  • Open source API’s and SDK’s, all published on GitHub


NYNJA Concierge is on hand to save you more time by helping with menial tasks

NYNJA Concierge provides on demand services to NYNJA users for free to aid in day-to-day activities that don’t require a specialist but that can be tedious to accomplish:

  • Creating / Managing Spreadsheets

  • PDF Conversion, Splitting and Merging

  • Image Resize

  • Data Entry in Word, or Google Docs

  • Resizing images or formatting PDFs

These tasks, accomplished initially by human assistants, will serve to train AI bots that will

eventually take over these roles, allowing the service to scale.

Coming soon

  • Virtual board meetings with Quorum voting and auto minutes generated, all searchable

  • Custom overlay themes and colors for corporate accounts

  • IT Admin controls keyword search monitoring for HR, audit and IT Compliance controls